An introduction to the Linux graphics stack

As you can probably imagine, the Linux graphics stack comprises many layers of abstractions, from the pretty little button from which you open your Proton-able AAA Steam title to the actual bytecode that runs on whatever graphics card you have installed.

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Real contributions with real money

Recently I’ve heard from a friend that his professor simply doesn’t believe that free software should be profitable, so I’m making this blog post.

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On contributing to open source

Alright, so you came for another one of Isinya’s soap operas! I’m excited to have you here, stranger :)

Today, let’s not talk about the kernel, instead, I want to help you understand how you can be part of open source communities.

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On contributing to the kernel

So, for starters, the Linux Kernel is the most beautiful thing ever if you don’t mind a little mess, I mean… no, really, it’s beautiful, and I’ll prove it to you! All you need to do is clone the “main” tree:

git clone

Well, actually, this isn’t really the main thing, but it’s one of them, together with the one you probably know best (if you’re a rolling release Linux user, that is) Greg Kroah-Hartman’s tree and that’s only half the story, as each Linux distribution likes to put their own flavor of commits on top of that.

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