I’m currently being introduced to the kernel graphics stack by my mentors, Rodrigo Siqueira, Melissa Web and André Almeida (check them out!)

I currently study at Universidade de São Paulo (USP), and you can check out my CV over here.

In case you’re looking for it: here’s the RSS feed for this site.

Some cool facts about me:

  • I love weird music!

    My usual mantra is that if it has more than 100k monthly listeners, it’s too mainstream…

  • I really like skateboarding, calligraphy, and pottery, too!

    I just didn’t say I’m good at any of them

  • I also like cats a lot but I’m a little allergic to them :(

    I’m working on that, though :)

  • I’m from a cold mountain town in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro

    Surprise: not everywhere in Rio is hot! Or sunny!

    We don’t even have beaches, how absurd!